Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

The kindergartners are going to working on names, so this morning they were reciting, “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?” They were really enjoying it, especially when they asked Miss Sara, Miss Julie, and Miss Laura if we were the ones to steal the cookies! Even though we have been working with them for quite a while now, many of the students do not know our names yet. Today, they had to say each of our names as we were leaving the classroom, so maybe if they continue to do this they will finally remember our names. However, I am not counting on them remembering on Wednesday!

Today, I worked with the students on the computer. Brian was first, and he was so excited. He told me that he was good at the games. I found out that he is good at playing the games the way that he wants to play them, not how they are supposed to be played. We played a counting game where you have to count the number of dots on the page and then choose the corresponding number. He was doing pretty well with this game, but after he was getting bored and complaining a lot, so we moved on to another game. The next game that we played is to help the students recognize patterns so that they do not have to count everything one by one all of the time. He was struggling with this game, and since he thought he wasn’t good at it, he wanted to play a different game. I tried to convince him that he could do it if he really concentrated, but he was just not up to it today. Brian has his days, and today was one of those days when he just was not interested in working with me. He wanted to see what everyone else was doing, even though he was on the computer.

Next I worked with Ethan and Zack. They were a little hyper today, but they loved working on the computer. They were both doing very well with the counting game that Brian was playing. However, Ethan and Zack were able to have the settings at a harder level with numbers up to 25. They are both great at the counting part, but when it came to choosing the corresponding number, they were a little hesitant. After they took the time to think about it, they were both able to choose the correct number. They make common mistakes like mistaking 12 for 21 or 14 for 24. They also played the pattern recognition game that Brian played. They were much faster at recognizing the patterns without having to count the objects. They were doing very well with this game, but they were also getting angry at each other because one would say the answer when it was the others turn.

My last student for the day was Alexis. She really surprised me today, and I am not sure if it was because he partner was not there, or if she was just having a good day. We played the same games as the rest of the students that I mentioned already. The counting game was really easy for her, even with numbers up to 25. She was able to count correctly and choose the correct number. I could tell that she was proud of herself for doing so well. Alexis told me that she was really good at the pattern recognition game, and she wanted me to make it really hard for her. So I changed the settings to make the pattern flash on the screen for 1 second instead of 2.5 seconds like it was for the other students. She knew every single one, and she never stopped smiling while she was playing!

It is so nice to know that the students are enjoying what we do with them. Seeing them smile while playing the computer games or participating in the activities that we have planned makes it even more exciting for me. Watching the students grow is a great experience, and working with students makes me realize that teaching is what I am meant to do.

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  1. You deserve a medal for all of your patient work with “Brian” this year!

  2. A smile goes a l-o-n-g way doesn’t it? We’re missing you this week as we are working with geometrial solid shapes. This is difficult for some of our students because they don’t have plane shapes in place. Not all of them have had Head Start/Preschool experiences, so it seems odd that Trail Blazers goes right to the solid shapes. Enjoy your break,

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