Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

New Year, New Adventures, and New Understandings

This was our first week back with the kindergarteners since winter break, and as usual there were some unexpected occurrences. This week my focus was to see which students are able to correctly identify numerals one through ten. To gain this information I used flash cards with the written numeral on one side and that same quantity of dots on the other. Out of the fourteen students that I worked with there were four students who were able to identify all, and seven students who made three or less mistakes! This is exciting for this group of students who at the start of Number Sense were not this far in their number identification and were in the ‘need/significant need’ group. Before break there were a few students who were able to write numbers but not identify numbers that they had written. This was very interesting to me and was going to be the focus of my research. Well, I was proven wrong…in a good way! 🙂 All of the students who demonstrated this thinking when asked this week were able to identify all of the numbers they had written. Santa must have brought some number sense to these students along with all the goodies under the tree. One of my students was able to identify and write numbers from 1-19! at the start of the year when I worked with her through math methods she was struggling to know the numbers 1-10. There are still a few students who are struggling to learn and understand which numbers are which. Jackie, Jessica, and myself have decided to make number flash cards to send home in hopes of giving students that extra time to work on their number skills. I am excited to see if the students who do not know their numbers will come back after working at home with a new understanding. Only time will tell!

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