Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

New Experiences And Holiday Cheer

This week was filled with excitement and new experiences. Both of the classroom teachers had something in mind for us to complete. On Tuesday we were asked to play dreidel with the students. This was a new experience for both myself and some of the students. We used skittles for the students to manipulate with each spin of the dreidel. Some of the students caught on quickly and were able to tell other students what they were supposed to do based on what they had spun. One thing that was a common struggle for students was having to decide what have of the group of skittle was. Myself and the other teacher candidates assisted the students by having the students create equal groups then taking one of the groups. After a few rounds with different groups of students, I personally took a low student from each of the classrooms to work with them individually. These two students are further behind then the rest of the students in the low ability group. After discussion with the classroom teachers we thought it would be worth a shot to see if the more individualized attention would help them move closer to the other students. With these two students I worked on basic number identification of number 1-10 with large flash cards. Then we practiced the numbers 1-5 on sheets that contained a ten frame, traceable number, visual representations, and quantities of each number. Both of these students struggled with this activity but made progress by the end. I think from this first individualized encounter that this is something that we will continue, and see what progress can be made. I am excited to see how these two student progress throughout the next semester!

On Thursday we were asked to assess the students for their report cards. This was an opportunity for us to see what the students were able to accomplish in a formal setting. Throughout the testing there was a few things that caught my attention. One thing that I saw repeatedly was that a student would be able to write numerals that they could not identify. This was interesting to me, and something that I want to dig deeper into. The last thing that stands out was when I switched from testing students in the low ability group to a high ability group. When asked to count our ten blocks, one of the students from the high ability group counted the blocks by 2’s. Interested I asked when he did this and his response was “it’s faster, it would have been faster if i counted by 10’s” and then continued to count by 2’s and ten’s orally. I was shocked and amused that he wanted to be even faster with himself! Until Next Week 🙂

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