Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

In the Air There’s a Feeling of Christmas

This weeks report will be short and sweet! As the students get antsy with the upcoming winter break and holiday season on their minds, the teachers are also getting final assessments done in order to fill out report cards. Both of the kindergarten teachers had tasks in mind for us when we came in for Number Sense this week. In Mrs. Peterson’s room this week we played dreidel with the students. We took students out in small groups and each student in the group was given two skittles to use as coins. Each person then spun the dreidel and we played the game accordingly. We tried to incorporate some math into the game by having students count skittles and determine half of the skittles when called for. I had never really thought about how difficult the concept of “half” was until we tried to explain it to the students.

In Mrs. Carmack’s room we took the students out one by one in order to help gather some data for report cards. We assessed the students on their written numbers, cardinatlity, shapes, and number recognition. This was a pretty routine task, but as I was doing the number recognition portion of the assessment I began to wonder why students sometimes get teen numbers confused with other numbers, but then can still identify the numbers they confused them with correctly. For example, I had one student call some of her teen number “twenty-xyz,” but then when we actually got to the twenties she was able to identify those numbers correctly. I wonder if children learned the idea of numbers made up of tens and ones earlier if this would help remedy the confusion. This is a question I plan to pay closer attention to as we search for research questions.

That’s all for now though!

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