Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Exciting Developments!

This week has been a really great week working with the kindergarteners. Several of the students that I have been working with have experienced “breakthroughs” where the information we have been learning and practicing has finally sunk in and they understand the hows and whys of some of the math concepts. Several of the students I work with have been having a lot of difficulty counting by 5s to 100. However, once I wrote down 5-100 by 5s for the students they were able to get it. It was one of those moments when I overlooked the simplest solution. It was great to watch their faces light up once they were able to complete this task. I had another student who had been struggling to identify shapes earlier in the year but when I prompted her by saying , “can you draw an shape with four sides for me?” she drew and identified a trapezoid!

Mrs. Carmack has begun laying the foundation for division and multiplication in her class, which blew me away to think of kindergarteners multiplying and dividing. I think I was even more surprised when all of the students, even the ones who have been “behind” throughout the year were able to understand the concepts of repeated addition and equal parts! I provided a visual on the white boards for the students to help lay out the problem. For example: I would ask the students “If I have 3 cups and each cup has 4 candies in it how many candies are there in all?” every time the students were able to count the candies and give me the correct answer. I decided to go one step further and challenge some of the students by using 5 candies and I was thrilled to see that instead of counting each candy the students said, “ 5, 10, 15….you have 15 candies.”

As our time in the class draws to a close we are working on getting some of the activities done with students when they are subitizing on tape. I cannot believe that in 2 short weeks my time with these students will be done but I also cannot wait to see what we can accomplish in those two weeks!

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