Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Dominos and Scenerios

This week, the fourth quarter goals were the main focus. We have a sheet that identifies which students need extra instruction for given math tasks. While working on these objectives, I was able to incorporate the domino and scenerio aspect of my research. With the new domino application, the students “roll” a domino and show the number on the domino by placing counter peices a ten frame box. The objective of this application is for the students to see the top half of the domino as one color counter and the bottom half of the domino as a second color counter. I observed that many students create a pattern out of the colored counters instead of corresponding each color to the number of dots on the domino. I also incorporated a scenerio for my research question. During the winter months, I provided the students with a sledding scenerio where the students would tell me how many people can ride the sled and how many people have to wait. This week, I created a scenerio about cookies. I provided the context of the scenerio by stating that a student in the class had a birthday today and brought in cookies for a snack. I gave the students counter chips to represent the cookies. The students would then count the number of chips. I would then draw two columns on the dry-erase board: one with my name on it and one with the students. I explained to the student that the cookies in his or her hand are left over after everyone in the class has received one. The student who brought the cookies in said that the student and myself can have the remainder of the cookies. The students would then sort the chips into the two columns in different groups. Interestingly, many students I worked with believed that both myself and the student had to receive the same number of cookies, even if I informed them that one of us could have more. For the most part, the students were able to come up with at least a few ways of representing the number of chips. The groups were less than with the sledding scenerio and the dice task though. I will think of a different scenerio this week to see if the students can create more groups to show how they see a given number.

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