Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

First Week Back

The first week back was exciting. The students were ready to begin math again and ready to play the math games! I received a list of skills the students should master by the fourth quarter. All of the students I have worked with had made substantial improvement. The largest areas of improvement were seen in problem solving, ten-frame, and rote counting. It’s great to see the planning and effort that the students put into each math session having a positive effect on the mathematical performace. Tuesday was simply getting the students back into the routine. I didn’t get as much completed as I wanted to because the students couldn’t wait to tell me about their spring breaks. We simply worked on previous skills such as shapes, rote counting, 1 more/1 less and writing numbers. I also introduced a domino application this week. Since the dice pattern is similiar to the pattern on dominos, I was interested to see how students would perform on such tasks. One of the domino games had the students find equal dominos. The students had a difficult time with recognizing the set of dominos that had the same pattern and had to recount, making the task longer. One task had the students finish equations by filling in the missing addend with the correct domino piece. This task was too hard for the students and caused frustration. Interestingly, the students called the domino application math, while other applications such as Math Monsters and Butterfly math were considered games. On Thursday, the students worked on problem solving skills. I found several new applications that met the students interest and wanted to try them out. Math Monster is a game of bingo that provides the students with unlimited time to solve the problems. The students really liked this application because there was not a time limit, so they had plently of time to work out the problems without feeling the need to “beat the clock”. Butterfly math is an application that has the students solve the addition problem by placing the correct sum of butterflies in the cage. I used this activity with the girls and found it successful. Students found it easier to place each addend individually and then count the total number of butterflies to find the sum. AUM Addition was the third application introduced this week. The students solve simple addition problems to unlock puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle. The students were able to play this application twice. The second time, all of the students increased addition speed! I am hoping that the problem-solving applications will enhance the students’ ability to complete the domino application which requires the students to fill in the missing addend next week. The domino application also has some adjustments made to it. It will be interesting to see how the students respond to the application next week!

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