Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

The Fun Continues!

This week was full of exciting developments for each of the students I work with! It seemed as if some of the things that we have been working on for the past15 weeks have just “clicked” for them and they are able to understand it now. One student, when we first began working together could only count to 11, counted all the way to 42 and remember the number 13! This is something that we have worked on every time we are together and 13 would get skipped time and time again so it was very exciting for the student and I when she was able to remember to count 13. Another student who I work with was able to count to 35 when just the week before she would not count past 22!

I was also able to make some progress with two students who have been struggling to understand subtraction concepts. We finally found a system that worked (with some trial and error). I knew the students enjoyed working on the iPad so I wanted to be sure to include a fun app to engage them but I also recognized that they needed physical manipulatives to understand concepts. I used the iPad app “Math Puppy” which is a bingo board with subtraction facts and I provided a whiteboard and manipulatives for the students. Both students were able to set up the problem shown on the app with the whiteboard and manipulatives and were able to reach a solution on their own!

Another student that I work with had a moment of insight where she discovered “turn arounds” in addition. For example, the equation was 8+5, which she was able to figure out by drawing lines on a white board to represent 8 and 5 and then count them all. The next equation generated by the iPad was 5+8. The student paused for a second; looked at the previous question’s work she had drawn out, then looked at me and declared, “They are the same!” When I asked what she meant she said that it was the same amount of lines but it was just “turned around”.

Finally, I continued my work with the students using dominoes and dice to work on their subitizing skills. Many of the students performed much better on the new app developed by Dr. Hengst this week after becoming more familiar with it this week. Some students have begun to recognize the dominoes and able to apply that to a ten frame without any additional “step” in between where they need to work through the problem, rather they seamlessly transition from domino to ten frame.

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