Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Last Blog Before Break

This was the last week working with the kindergarten students before we head off for spring break. This week, we worked on how the students saw a given number, but different than before. Instead of rolling the dice amd creating groups that way, we gave the students a scenario based on the math morning routine. We informed the students that the tiles represented people that wanted to ride a sled. Some people got to ride the sled first and some had to wait for a turn. The students were asked to create groups based on a number of tiles riding the sled and a number that had to wait. Interestingly, the students who have been struggling with coming up with different groups were able to complete this task with ease. One student who has not been able to complete the dice problem was able to come up with all of the combinations to see the number 10. She even started with the number 10 and said 10 people can ride the sled and 0 people had to wait and worked her way down to 0. I also encountered one student who was able to see various ways of creating a number through the dicep problem, but only could come up with one combination for the sled problem. We will need to collect more data after break. Over break, we will continue finding literature research based on this concept as well.

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