Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students


This week we worked on various skills with our students. With our four students who understand the most basic math concepts, we started some work on addition. We found that three of the four already have a pretty solid grasp of how to make ten with numbers. All three of them were able to quickly tell us what number they would need to make ten given another number. The fourth student is really shy and she often lets someone else answer for her, so she may know the answer, but we have some more assessing to do with her.

For the majority of our students, we are still working on counting goals and trying to increase their success rate with rote counting. Several of the other skills we would like to work on, require students to know higher numbers, and some of them are still struggling. We are seeing some success however. Two more of our students have improved greatly in their counting abilities. One of the students was successful up to 29 before he would get confused was able to count to 100 without any problems. The other student had previously been able to count to 50, and we also have a language barrier with, also made it to 100. She does have to take time to think about the numbers 60, 70, 80 and 90, but she remembers what they are without any prompting from an instructor if she is given just a few seconds to think about it. Both of these students were also able to count to 100 by 10’s. A couple of our other students also made slight gains in their counting by successfully conquering the next multiple of ten in rote counting.

With our three students who are having the most problems with the math concepts, we again focused on number recognition. One of the students can now consistently recognize the numbers 1-9 without any problems. She also no longer needs the number line at the top of the page in order to help her figure out a number. While working with her, she was able to count to 30 without any problems. When pushed to keep going, she was able to count to 50! I did not have to tell her that 40 came after 39 or that 50 came after 49. However when she counted the following day, she was not able to do the same, she felt more comfortable stopping at 30. The other two students in this group are making smaller gains in their abilities, but they are now recognizing more numbers and beginning to count higher than the did previously.

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