Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Another Milestone Marker

Each week I am impressed by the visible amount of growth in the students. This week Markaye and I continued to strengthen and assess number recognition with the majority of our students. We have chosen to implement the Randomize-er Game every time we work with the students so that we have a constant factor in our activities. This way we can use the Randomize-er Game to assess their progress. By using this game, we hope that students will not only be able to recognize their numbers, but also be able to apply this pattern to counting in the teens.
Using the Randomize-er Game, we saw substantial growth in the three students we have been working with on number recognition. One of the students, after playing the Randomize-er Game and participating in the other activities we had planned for that day was able to count up to 50 with some help from us. Only the week before had she been able to count up to 30 and prior to that she had struggled with 27 and 28. This was a huge success for this student. However, we have discovered that this student in particular has a certain inconsistency to her skill set. Some days we do not know what to expect. This being said, she was able to count to 30 without help once again, but struggled with what came after 30 (she kept on saying 40 or 41). I find this very interesting since this does not follow any particular pattern (except for counting by 10s-10,20,30,40). Our hope is that with some more work and practice with counting orally, the student will be able to count to 50 all by herself. In addition to this achievement, this student has been consistently playing the number game with my partner and me. When the Randomize-er Game is played we usually include a number line at the top of the paper to help the students along (to figure out what number they are circling by counting the numbers in the number line). This student was able to do the game without the presence of the number line on Friday of this week! Not too long ago, she would constantly have problems with 7, 8, and 9 and relied heavily on the number line to help verify the number she was circling. My partner and I were both very proud of this achievement! 🙂
In addition to this student, we also had another student making progress in his number recognition. Because this student is one of our easily distracted students, we have broken up each session with different activities that revolve around number sense, but give the student a break from the regular routine. Thus far, adding more (small) activities has proved beneficial for this student and kept him more on task than he usually is throughout the session (there were even other kids around and he was focused!). One of the games we played with the students was a matching game. This matching game had number symbols that the students had to match with the correct number of objects (block pile) in front of them. Without any help or prompting this student correctly matched all the block piles to the correct number symbol and put the numbers in order (like the number line)-this last task was not asked of the student, but was done on his own accord! I could not help but smile during this session. The particular student I am speaking of has struggled in both number recognition and counting the teens, so it was exciting to see this progress unfold right before my eyes. 🙂

Shows how the student matched both the numbers symbols and objects and lined them up according to the number line order.

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