Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Week of 1/18/13

I apologize for my entry from last week. I thought my entry submitted, but I see it has not! I will complete two separate entries tonight. Last week, I worked with the students on the concept of “one more than” and “one less than”. I discovered that many of the students I was working with were able to add one more to a given number without the use of visual aids or manipulatives. When it come to “one less than”, many students had a difficult time comprehending what “one less than” actually meant without the use of manipulatives. The improved progress with the skill “one less than” can be seen within the two day span. All of the students I worked with were able to recognize what “one less than” was without an explanation. Some still needed a visual to guide their individual thought processes, but were able to complete the task. The students also worked on ten frames. I recognized that many students needed to count the number of circles within a ten frame, even if it was full. I began asking the students how many circles are in a full ten frame as well as one row of a ten frame. All of the students were able to answer this question. Simply verbally addressing a major component of the ten frame allowed the students to solve the problems much faster. I even have two students who have moved on to working with ten frames within the twenties! The progress associated with number sense development is clearly visible!

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