Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Number Recognition

This week we focused on number recognition with our students. We knew that four of our students had no problems recognizing the numbers 1-10, and were successful at much larger numbers as well. We also knew that these students were capable of writing the numbers 0-10 on their own with very little difficulty, and could successfully write the numbers 11-20 with only a few reversals. So, we decided to see what the rest of our students knew with regards to number recognition.

We worked with each child on an individual basis. We started by havingthe students rote count as high as they could and then we would jump in and lead them to the next point that they could reach since they are all still working on being able to count to 100. Then we moved to the game that Amanda discovered last week. As I worked with the students, I asked them if they saw a number somewhere on the paper that they knew, when they did they circled all of the numbers that were the same. Then they moved on to the next number, until they had circled all of the numbers. Using this game, we found that all but three of the students we are working with easily recognize the numbers one through ten. Since these students already recognize numbers, we took the activity a step further and asked the students to write the numbers 0-10 on their own, after taking away the paper that already had them written down. From this activity, we found that our students can write the numbers with only slight errors with reversals. As for the other three students, we know that it is the numbers 6-10 that they struggle with the most.

I found it interesting that the students who were not confident with number recognition and were still struggling to identify numbers would start with the number one and work their way through the numbers that way to identify the numbers that they knew. When working with the students who have a grasp on number recognition, they would start with different numbers and jump around through the list until they had circled them all. They did not need the help of going in the count sequence to figure out what a number was.

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