Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

A New Research Question We Came Across

After two weeks of research, Courtney and I have continued to stick with our question about students’ knowledge about “more, less, and the same.” I continued with the activity I did before where I had the flash card sets for the students to make pairs of the number symbol and the equivalent amount of dots. However, when prompting the students this time, I asked the question “Do these mean more, less, or the same?” This is different because before I only prompted “More or less?” When giving the students the option to pick “the same” as an answer, the same students that chose the number symbol as more before, said they mean the same. Therefore this proves that children so understand the concept of equality in terms of number symbol and the dots. From here, I know that it is still an interesting concept that the students could not say that the two quantities mean “the same” unless they were given the option that they could say the same as an answer. This is something I want to keep exploring in different contexts.

When researching, Courtney and I also came across another interesting situation with some of the students. When playing games on the iPad, some students could not refer to numbers over about 6 and higher when trying to count objects or count in sequence. For example, when playing the “tracing game”, a student would trace the number 6 and then when the number 7 comes up as the next number to trace, the student could not recognize it was seven until counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…7. And continued this strategy of having to “recount” before every number for the higher numbers. We found this true for the students that struggle counting up to 20. This was interesting to us because when working with the students just on rote counting, but asking them to START counting at 6, they say “7, 8, 9, 10….”. Therefore, they know the memorized pattern when it comes to rote counting, but not when it is in the context of a game.

Overall, we are making progress towards finalizing our research question. As of now we have two different questions we could address. However, I feel this new question that we came across this week is actually more intriguing than the first one. Next week we will have to put a lot of thought into the activities we pick with the students in order to make sure we get supporting data of this question.

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