Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Moving Forward!

This week was full of exciting growth for the students. Every student I work with is now able to count to 100 by ten and most can count to 100 by five! I am blown away to see how fast they absorb and learn. This week we focused on the same skill set as last: 11-20 ten frames and number recognition, shape recognition, problem solving, comparing, and subtraction. The students liked working through subtraction problems with iPad games like “Math Bingo” and “Math Puppy”. I personally prefer using Math Bingo because there are fewer extra distractions to the game and it keeps the students focused on their subtraction skills. I was excited to work on the 11-20 ten frames because my partner and I see a connection between making ten frames and our dice patterns. Only a couple of my students are able to recognize that a full ten frame represents ten (and they told me so without being prompted!), while most are still counting all of the dots. I am hopeful that after going over this skill a few more times they become more comfortable with making that connection. We are also continuing to collect data on our research question. My partner and I are trying to focus on how students see numbers. We have the students roll one or two dice (depending on their math skills and comfort level) and count the number of dots. They have the option of drawing the dots or counting out the number with a manipulative. I then prompt the students to arrange the tiles or draw the dots in the way that they view them. The students then at that point will begin talking themselves through it or including me in the thought process. One of my students was able to recognize that you could “flip” the numbers it would be the same. When I asked what she meant she said: “See, right now it’s like 4+2 but if I do this, its 2+4 but it still equals 6!” It is pretty exciting to see the students make these connections and I look forward to what comes up next week!

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