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Dominoes, Computers, and Adding Oh MY!

Happy Wednesday To All!

My blog will once again be different because my usual Wednesday students were absent today so I had to do some spur of the moment planning. Nothing like thinking on your feet to make you feel like your a real teacher! Anyway, like I said, Will and Michelle were absent today, so next week you will hear about the super awesome activity I had planned for them. Ashley was there, and we started off our day with a special treat, using the computer! We used Randy’s number sense software, Count Sort, and I really wanted to push Ashley today, and see how high she could count, since it varies depending on the day. The other day we got up to 99, with some prompting, and than 49, so I never know with her. Today I set my goal to get her to count without prompting to 30. We started off this task with having her count on Count Sort numbers 1-25 out of order. Ashley, unfortunately can be stubborn and would skip certain groups of dots that she just didn’t want to count, so that was quite a struggle to get her to stay on the problem. I also noticed that she didn’t keep track of the dots she was counting, she just clicked them and when I asked how many there were she had to stop and recount them all. Finally though she counted enough piles that I felt confident in her ability to count to 25 confidently. We than went further and without hesitation she counted to 29. I asked what came next and she said 100! I told her that we were working on counting to 100 but that isn’t what comes after 29. I than asked her to count by ten’s and when she said 30, I made her stop and prompted her to think that most times after nine is a group of ten, and in this case after 29, we will have 30, which is three tens. I said this a little more simply and had a whiteboard to help, but hopefully you get the gist. We practiced counting to 30 several times, and at the end of our lesson I asked What comes after 29? and she said 30! So successful day for Ashley.

I also had the chance to work with some high ability students, that are at the same level as Will and Michelle were when Number Sense Project. Julie had talked about starting to get them to do 10 place, or addition. I chose to do a little intro to addition today using the dominoes. I had the students explore the dominoes and tell me what they gathered from looking at them. They told me that the dominoes where hard, cold, and had dots on the, and some sides had the same number of dots while others didn’t. I used that as my leaping point to what adding was. I had the students figure out how many total dots were on each domino. Than we put them in piles according to the total number of dots. Dominoes can only equal the numbers 0-12 so it was basic enough to start explaining the concept of addition. As we were counting I noticed one student could successfully add doubles 3+3, 4+4, ect. I asked her how she knew that the 4 and 4 domino had 8 dots on it and she said because 4+4 is 8! I praised her for knowing that, and asked if they could see the pattern on any other dominoes. They soon figured out that the 3 and 1 domino was for, and the 2 and 1 domino was three. I than explained to them that this was a way of seeing what numbers added together equal other numbers, and how some numbers have a bunch of ways to make them. I than had them count to see how many ways there are to make each number using the dominoes, and had them figure out which ever addition problems they could with them. The knew all their plus 1’s and most of their doubles. Clearly, Julie if you are reading this, its time for them to move on to addition, which is always exciting.

Once again, the time has flown and the children keep improving everyday. I thank Augustana for this partnership, and praise them for having it be so successful. I also have a huge round of thanks to the Kindergarten teachers at Longfellow, for trusting us, and letting us get the feel for with it will be like when we are out in the world. The students are a delight, and as Julie Jordan would say “Just give me my babies in kindergarten to have it make sense why we do it”

Adios, and until next week!

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  1. Great job – keep up the good work. Nice to see you adapt to things quickly when plans change.

  2. aren’t the dominoes great fun for math aside from just playing dominoes? I wish every family had a set of dominoes! I liked the idea of using them for introduction to addition!

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