Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Before or After?

Tuesday during number sense Morgan and I worked one on one with students improving their skills in number sense. We wanted the students to improve on number recognition and putting numbers in order without having to count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… every time to find what the next is in the sequence. I used the app, Line ‘Em Up, and changed the setting so that rather than one tile showing up after the numbers were given a bunch of tiles were given at the bottom of the screen. Students had to decide which number would be next in the sequence and identify that number amongst other numbers.
When I was working with a student I started the number line at a number they were familiar with and use only ten tiles at first. After we did the number line once I challenged the students with larger number and increased the number line from 10 tiles to 15 tiles. Two of the students I worked with are still working on recognizing numbers 1-20. One of these students was able to put the numbers 1-10 in line (he did mix up the 6 and 9) but when I changed the number line 11-20 he did not recognize any of the numbers. I asked the student, “What number comes after 11?” I knew that this student was able to count to 16 so I expected him to know the answer. The student began counting from 1 until he could say …10, 11, 12; the answer is 12. The student did the same thing when we got to other numbers in the number line. This shows that the student still needs to work on counting on. This is a trend that I see in a lot of students. They will start counting at 1 if they do not know what comes next. The students will do the same thing when working with the domino patterns. If they know the pattern with 4 dots and then I show them a pattern with 5 dots the students do not count 4 dots, 5. They count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to get the answer needed.
Another thing that came up on Tuesday was the concept, “what number comes before and what number comes after?” At one time a student was given the number 8 with 7 and 9 missing (he needed to fill these numbers in). I asked the student, “what number comes before 8?” The student responded, “9”. I asked the student what number comes after 9 and they said 10. This was interesting to me, because they did not understand the distinction between before and after, but always knew the answer for after. I continued asking the same question to the rest of the students I worked with that day. All the students responded with the number that came after and never correctly told me the number that came before. I worked with each student to explain the concept of before and after then introduced the concept of a middle number. I would like to incorporate a number activity or begin using the app this coming week to review the before, after, middle concept to see if students can identify what numbers come before a specific number and what numbers come after.

On Thursday Morgan and I were approached by Mrs. Peterson to assist the students in making fruit loop necklaces for the 100th day of school, which is on Monday. The students were learning that 10 groups of 10 equals 100, so the students would put 10 pieces of one color on their string and then 10 pieces of another color on their strings until they reached 100. This activity was a good visual of how 10 groups of 10 equals 100, worked on counting 1-100, worked on counting by 10s, and was good way of asking students, how many more pieces of cereal do you need to get to 10. When the students were asked this question some students knew the response right away while others need guidance into finding the answer. Once the students started to understand the concept of “how many more” they were able to give the correct response anytime Morgan or I asked them.
This was the first time Morgan and I worked with more than one student at a time and it was fun watching them interact with each other. Seeing the students communicate with one another about math and other subjects makes me want to do larger group work to see how the students can play off one another and create discussion about numbers.

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