Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students


After our nice, long, relaxing break it was great to be reunited with Mrs. Peterson’s kindergartners; I was almost excited to see them as they were to see me! 🙂 Our overall focus for this week was to do more with Randy’s different apps by incorporating them into our lessons. The 11 apps were split between Markay and I (6) and Courtney and Morgan (5). We decided to work on “Line ‘Em Up”, “Count Sort”, “Pattern Sets”, “What’s Hiding”, “Add Sub 5-1”, and “Number Line Math”.
While working with the students this week we have realized that some changes could be made to improve the apps. For instance, Markaye and I chose to work with the more advanced group by using the “Line ‘Em Up” app so that we could further test the number sequence even when the numbers did not start from a certain spot. (The settings on the app allow for variation in number of tiles and range of letters). I found that most of the students I worked with hardly made any mistakes on the number sequence even when it did not start from one. Knowing that we tested our more advanced group on counting by 10s and 5s, I think it would be beneficial to have this option on the app. This way the students would be challenged when they have excelled at putting the numbers in order. I think this change could also be beneficial to our students that have trouble mixing up which “10” goes before the other. More than one student of mine have issues on this topic. For example, many of my students want to mix 40 and 50 up even though they can count the rest of the numbers perfectly. To expand from this idea, I think it would positively influence the student’s learning if there was a speaker option that would read the number for the students before they put the number in the correct place. This would help the student make a greater association between its name, what it looks like, and where it should be place in the number sequence.

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