Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Passing Goals!

This week we focused more on assessments than anything. Each of the students had to be assessed on a certain number of tasks, such as shape recognition, orally counting, pattern recognition, and much more. Since the teachers at Longfellow were required to conduct these assessments, this what we spent the majority of our week doing. In addition to the required assessment, we also gave our sticker assessment (orally counting) on Friday. Throughout these assessments the children really impressed us. Nearly all of the students made progress on how high they could count and we even had a few that exceeded their initial goals. One student in particular counted up to the 40s and when we reassessed her on Friday, she was able to count up to 75 (and only mixed up a few numbers after that). She was extremely excited to come count for us and had a smile on her face the whole time. In fact, this student was so thrilled about counting and reaching her goal that she counted all the way up to 100 (even though a few areas were incorrect). Since starting the assessments and giving out rewards to the students when they achieve their goals, students have seemed more willing to participate in counting and even find it enjoyable. It really makes me excited to see students really getting pumped to learn. I think this result is also attributed to our goal cards that we sent home with the students. I feel the parents are more informed and can therefore help their child practice while at home. After working with half of the students I asked them how they were able to count as high as they did and most of them commented that they had either been practicing or practicing at home. 🙂 With these kinds of results, I think the goal cards are a way to go! I will definitely be implementing this tactic in the future.

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