Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Assessments an Accurate Report?

The past week we have been assessing the student’s number sense skills with a very long, tedious standard assessment. While testing the students on their ability to preform various math goals that we have been working with this term, we noticed a few pleasing progressing and a couple confusing regressing reports.

     It seems to us that when put in more of a formal testing environment some of the students were able to preform above and beyond their previously accomplished goals we have charted. One student who would only count up to the 30s was able to count all the way to 100 in this formal, standard, testing environment she was set in last week.
     On the other hand, other students were unable or unwilling, whatever the case may have been, to preform at the levels they have exemplified before. One student was unable to name many of the shapes that we have been working with previously. This student could recall three of the twelve shapes he/she has been able to identify before.
     We found last week’s assessment results both a wonderful surprise of the students’ mathematical understandings as well as an unrealistic representation of a few of the students’ mathematical abilities. Both ends of the results were somewhat of a shock to us based on the students’ previous representation of their number sense understandings. It is disappointing knowing that the records of this single assessment will be the only data documented in the students’ report cards, since some of the students have shown more progress than what was recorded on these assessments.

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