Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students


This week we worked a lot on assessing the students for their end of quarter grades. So on Friday, we kept things fairly simple and just had the students count for us and be able to add stickers to their charts if they had made progress. We now have a total of five students who have counted to 100 by 1’s and now by 10’s. One of those students was able to count to 100 by 5’s and is moving on to counting by 2’s. Three of our students are still struggling with getting through the teens without skipping a number. Several of the students made gains in their counting, previously they were stuck on getting to 25 and this week they were able to reach that goal. One of our students in particular surprised us. As of the middle of last week she could successfully count to 10 without any mistakes. After 10 she would skip numbers and put them in random orders until she got to 20 and then she would stop. We thought at first that it might have been a language barrier, however she made the same mistakes when counting in Spanish. This week, she had to hold herself back from running down the hallway she was so excited to count with us. She sat down in the chair and started counting before I had sat down. She not only reached her goal of 25, but she went all the way to 50 without missing a number! She seemed like she could have gone farther, but the rest of the class was coming back from the library and she got distracted and then could not get back to where she was counting. She was extremely proud of herself and was very excited that she got to put the special stickers on the chart for reaching markers of 25 and 50.

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