Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Writing and Recognizing Numbers

Morgan and I started our week off by working with the students that we did not get a chance to work with at the end of week two. On Tuesday we practiced recognizing numbers, putting numbers in the correct number sequence, and worked on writing numbers. We worked one on one with each student. First students would work with myself, recognizing numbers and writing numbers, and then the student would go work with Morgan using the Ipad to play Line ‘em Up. Morgan and I found that having the students work in stations, ten minutes with each Augie Teacher, was a good change of pace and kept their attention longer, because each teacher was having the students do a different task. We made sure that the tasks complemented each other, so that the students were building off each number sense task that they were doing. When the students worked with myself I used the number flash cards and had the students tell me what number they recognized on each card. If students were successful at numbers 1-10 I would add a second group of cards 11-20 and see how many numbers they were able to recognize from that card pile. Any number the student was not able to recognize was set aside and at the end the student and I would review what number was on the cards. Very few students were able to recognize all numbers 1-20 and the majority of the students were always unsure of one or two cards that we would have to go back and review. Next I would have the students create a number line with the flash cards and put them in number order. The cards were in random order so students would have to know what card came next and what that number looked like. It was interesting to watch one student put the flash card numbers in order, because he was placing all the cards in the correct order until he came to the end and went 10, 12, 11. After the students were finished I would have them point and recite then number sequence. For this particular student when he got to 10, 12, 11, he pointed and said it correctly (10, 11, 12), but still kept the cards in the sequence order he originally put the cards in. I found this interesting, because he recited and pointed to the cards in the correct sequence, but when looking at the cards he did not think he had them in the correct order. Watching the students practice recognizing and writing numbers brought a lot of things to my attention and made me realize in new ways how the students were thinking. Most students enjoyed doing this activity and the activities would help build onto what the students would be doing with Morgan in the next activity.
On Thursday Morgan and I began doing the 2nd quarter assessment that Mrs. Peterson first gave to us on Tuesday to look over and become familiar with for when we began the student assessments. The assessment was made up of a variety of tasks, such as counting, adding, representing quantities, and recognizing shapes. Some of the tasks were similar to what the students were doing Tuesday. For example, one task was writing numbers 0-10, which was something that the students did earlier in the week. We were not able to get through every assessment task, but will begin Tuesday assessing where we left off. This assessment is more in-depth than the assessment Morgan and I first did at the start of our days in the Number Sense Program, but I believe this will give us a deeper perspective of where each student is at in terms of additional number sense tasks, like shapes and adding. For right now I am making observations of what students still need to work on and what is motivating the students to do better in those number sense areas.

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