Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Progress is Gradual

At the end of last week, we started working on a counting on strategy to with our highest ability students. When we first assessed them to see what they knew, they were able to give us the correct answer if the original number was under ten and the new total was less than or equal to ten. When we increased the number of blocks, the students all recounted the total number of blocks every time. This week we continued working with these students to develop a strategy to use. Two of the four students are now able to start with large numbers and count on to get a correct answer without having to recount all of the blocks, and they do so without being prompted to do it that way. The other two  students can count on, but they still need prompting to do so. This week we also moved two more students into counting on, based on their new understanding of the concepts we had been working on with them. One of the students already had a sound understanding of counting on, he knew that he did not have to count all of the blocks again before we started talking about it. The other student was also able to count on for numbers smaller than ten when we first started. After our work with him, he was showing an understanding of how to count on, but he needed prompting and we only worked on the concept for one day.

For the last two weeks we have been working really hard with about six students on the concept of order irrelevence. These students did not understand that it did not matter which side you count from, there will be the same number of blocks, they always recounted. After working with them for two weeks, all six of the students can now count the blocks once and explain that even if we counted from the other side, or mixed the blocks together, the number would be the same.

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