Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Assessments Galore

This week has been filled with nothing but assessments for Courtney and I. We were given packets from Mrs. Peterson that she wanted us to complete, which were math assessments for the 2nd quarter of the year. These packets included many different categories and within each category was the target that the student was supposed to be at within each quarter.
The categories that we focused on/were able to get to were representing and counting objects (10 was the target number), recognizing numbers by sight (11 numbers total was the target), recognizing quantities by sight (11 numbers total was the target), writing numbers (11 numbers total was the target), and lastly pattern counting by 10 (50 was the target number to count to). Overall, I found that students were successful with writing numbers 0-10, recognizing numbers 0-10 when writing, and representing and counting 10 objects. However, a category that students struggled with across the board was representing quantities by sight.
This assessment involves putting ten-frame representations of the quanties 0-10 and calling out each number for the student to point at that quantity without counting first. What I found was that students could not recognize the quantities 5 and above without counting the dots in the ten-frame to figure out the answer. This is not surprising because this is not something that Mrs. Peterson works on. There were some students that were able to do this, which were the higher ability students. From this observation, incorporating the ten-frame is definitely some that I want to stress in the future. There are several more categories that need to be assessed, however there are not explanations of the activity you do with the students to assess them. Therefore, we are now waiting on Mrs. Peterson with those directions to ensure we are conducting the assessments properly and the same among all students.

Because we have been so caught up in assessments since starting the number sense project, I do not feel like we have a focal question to focus on for the rest of the year quite year. With these being said, I am looking forward to the many encounters Courtney and I will have this coming week!!

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