Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Mastering Number Sense Continues

Hello readers!

I apologize for the missing blog last week. Apparently technology did not want to cooperate with me! I will sum up my second week before informing you about my most recent week working with the kindergarten students.

During my second week of working with the kindergarteners, I was still getting my feet wet. I found a few applications that appeared to be beneficial to the high ability learners within the classroom. I found that students really enjoyed iPad applications that worked on solving word problems and mathematical strategy games. The students who are struggling with the mathematical expectations at this phase of kindergarten really enjoyed applications that worked on recognizing one-to-one correspondence and recognizing numerical symbols. After my second week of working with the kindergarten students, I have established some sort of familiarity in terms of each student’s learning styles and educational needs.
Now to my third week!
On Tuesday and Thursday, I basically involved the students in the same activities so I could document their progress throughout the week. Every student made some sort of mathematical gain from Tuesday. For the students who needed the most mathematical help, I worked on rote counting skills. Each student would count as high as he or she could. I would then lay out a number of cubes that was a few more than the number the student had just counted. This provided me with the insight that some students could count higher when using visualizations. I also noticed that thirteen and fourteen are common numbers that are skipped when counting both orally and with visualizations. For students who were practicing more advanced mathematical concepts, I included counting backwards games, problem solving applications, and word problems. Every student told me that they loved to play the problem solving games. They were having fun with math without even realizing they were learning something! These students are also benefitting from exposure to word problems. The missing addend problems are still a struggle, but we are beginning to understand how to approach and solve them.
The time really does fly when I am working with these kindergarten students. I cannot believe I spend 5 hours a week with them, but it only feels like 2! Now that I have seen some progress, I am excited to continue to work with tthe students and further develop their mathematical skills! 🙂

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