Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Week 3

This was the first week that we really got to start working with students in Mrs. Peterson’s room. We divided the class into groups based on their initial assessments. We have a total of seven groups right now. There are three pairs of groups that are at essentially the same level and then one group that is a lot farther behind that the other students. Each of the parners has taken three groups, each at a different level and then we are all working with the group that needs the most help. This week has been very productive. We have seen improvement in most of the students’ abilities. We are also beginning to see which of the students can work well with a partner or groups and which students are better helped working by themselves.

On Monday we assessed all of the students on their counting abilities. We created a chart that allows the students to place a sticker to the highest increment of five that they can count to without making a mistake. As soon as we find a place in the room, Mrs. Peterson plans to hang it up so that the students can always check their progress. We also sent a “You Did It” note home with the students to inform their parents of their accomplishment and what their goal was. We will have the students count for us again at the end of this week and see how much progress they have made.

I am looking forward to another productive, fun-filled learning experience this week.

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