Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Quite a Breakthrough!

Second week on Number Sense with Mrs. Peterson’s class and things are coming along greatly! We spent the majority of this week working with our seven different groups (that we split up based on their different skill levels). Even though it is only our second week and really only the first week we have been able to work with the kids based on their individual levels, I am already seeing our students improving significantly—how exciting!
We got the week rolling on Monday when we assessed the students orally on number sequence from rote memorization. The students were then able to place stickers on the increments that they passed (big ones:25, 50, 75,100, and little ones: by 5’s!). This way the students will be able to constantly look at their progress once Mrs. Peterson posts this chart in her classroom. In addition to this, we also sent a note home with the students in order to congratulate the kids and notify the parents what their child counted up to and what his/her goal is for next time. We hope that this will give the parents a push on working on their child’s counting skills at home.
The following days (on Wednesday and Friday) we were able to actually work with the kids and really started to see some fantastic progress! Friday was one of the most rewarding days thus far. We had a number of kids really starting to grasp the concepts they needed to work on, which was very exciting. For example, I was working with one of the students from our lowest ability group on one-to-one correspondence and number sequence. I thought about bringing in cars as an object for him to count—this was a risky move because the student I am speaking of is easily distracted by many things and does not like to do one thing for too long…or to be told what to do. However, after a few tries and lots of prompting, the student was able to count up to 4 all by himself using the one-to-one correspondence! I cannot tell you how proud I was at this moment because even though this seems like such a small number, this was such an achievement for this student— to sit still long enough to complete it too! It is moments like these that remind me why I am majoring in Elementary Education and participating in this Number Sense program!
I cannot wait to discover what next week will bring! 🙂

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