Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students


My first week of Number Sense began with an exciting introduction into Mrs. Peterson’s kindergarten classroom. I was able to spend time assisting Mrs. Peterson in the classroom while at the same time getting to know the students in her class. In the short amount of time spent in the classroom I was able to learn about each student’s personality and observe how the students worked on assignments in class. I am looking forward to the coming weeks in Number Sense and helping develop each student’s number sense skills and watching how the students grow throughout the rest of the year.
My second week in Mrs. Peterson’s classroom was cut short due to Thanksgiving, but before the break began Morgan and I were able to begin our first assessment of all the students. Morgan and I each worked one on one with students using the Trailblazer Assessment #1 format to distinguish where each student was at in terms of number sense. Morgan assessed half of Mrs. Peterson’s students while I assessed the other half of the students. At the end of our assessments Morgan and I came together to discuss what we noticed based off of the data collected during our assessments. We identified several students that we believed should be further assessed, because the majority of these students were able to answer four out of the five (or all five) assessment questions correctly. Morgan and I left the further assessment to the fellow Peterson group, so that they could continue the assessment the following day.
During the time spent assessing the students and discussing the information Morgan and I collected, I was able to see where the students are currently at and begin thinking about where I want the students to go. There are a wide range of abilities in Mrs. Peterson’s classroom and I am looking forward to helping each student advance in their number sense skills.

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