Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Insight from a Kindergartener

This past week we assessed all of the students in Mrs. Peterson’s class. Morgan and Courtney assessed all of the students using the Trailblazers Assessment #1 and found that we had several students in the class that really excelled at the five tasks on the assessment. Amanda K. and I then assessed those students using the Kathy Richardson Assessments C1 and C2. These assessments look to see if students: understand the relationship between a symbol representing a number and the corresponding number, employ a counting on strategy, and understand the concept of more and less. By using these assessments we were able to find a starting point for learning with these students. We do have some more assessing to do however. As we were assessing the last student and asking him if he knew how many more five was than four, he questioned us with how many more to what? Since none of the other students had asked us that we didn’t realize our wording might have been misleading them on what the answer should have been. While all five of the students we assessed knew that five was more than four, none of them had been able to answer by how many more. When we reworded the question to ask “how many more does four need to be five” the last student we assessed gave us the correct answer every time we changed the problem. We plan to reassess the other four students on more and less using the different phrasing to se if they are also at that level of understanding.

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