Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Continuing the adventure


This week was a shorter week due to Thanksgiving and I was only able to work with the students one day instead of two. On Tuesday, my partner Amy and myself first made sure that we would work with the six students who were really struggling in terms of number sense. We each ended up taking three struggling students. Then, based on the assessment results provided by Mrs. Carmack we moved on to work with students who were struggling with number recognition. For the first groups of students who struggling with rote counting I used several different approaches. We first worked with the iPad app “Count Sort”. Then, we would work with white boards and I tried to make connections between numbers and number symbols with the boards. We also worked with small square tiles to help physically represent a number.

For the students who were having trouble with number recognition We used primarily the white board and the iPad app “Line ‘Em Up”. One big connection several of my students made was that teen numbers was a “combination” of 10 and 3, 4,5,6, etc. This realization helped the students make strides in their number recognition. When the numbers were already written out for them they were able to recognize them easier and struggled to draw the number from memory. The Line Em Up app was a little bit of a challenge for the students and they seemed to get bored fairly quickly and would begin guessing. Once the guessing began I would switch to a different activity.

A few times the students flew through the activities. Because of this extra time I decided to experiment with a few different math apps that I had downloaded. One app that the students seemed engaged in was Bugsy Kindergarten Math. This app features a hamster going to the grocery store and before he is able to check out the students need to help count out items, determine which bundle is bigger or smaller, establish patterns, etc. The students seemed engaged with the character but all the bells and whistles may be a little too distracting.

Overall, this process has been incredibly insightful. I love working with the students and am endlessly fascinated with the way they comprehend things and make mathematical connections. I cannot wait to see what discoveries await this upcoming week!

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