Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

First formal assessment

While I am part of the Peterson group that was not able to blog last week, this week was full of exciting assessments that will get the ball rolling in terms of where to go with the students. Courtney and I assessed the students formally using the Trailblazers assessment format, and it told us lots of information about each student. The Trailblazers assessment asks 1-Can the student count to 30 by rote? 2-Can the student count backwards from 10 (or 5)? 3-Can the student 30 (or less) objects with one-to-one correspondence? 4-Does the student grasp the concept of cardinality? and finally 5-Does the student grasp the concept of order irrelevance? By asking these questions to each and every student, we knew we would be able to group the students based on the results of all the assessments combined. This is the next step for us.

While conducting the assessments, I was able to get to know the students on an individual basis since this was the first time I was actually working with them on math concepts. I got to note certain strengths and weaknesses of the half of the students I pulled out of the room to assess. Overall, with some exceptions, students seem to know only some number sense knowledge, but we definitely have ways to go. But this gives us (the Peterson group) lots of room to set goals for the rest of the year!!

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