Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

The Beginning of the Number Sense Journey

Hi everyone! My name is Amy Knourek and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be working with a wonderful group of peers and professors through the Number Sense Project. My first week has been great! I’ve had some sort of interaction with all of the students within the classroom I am assigned to. I am working with Abbey in Mrs. Carmack’s classoom. This past week, Abbey and I spent some time looking at the assessment results Mrs. Carmack provided us with. The data provided us with the information of where each student in the class stood in terms of meeting the kindergarten mathematical goals. We have about 8 students who need quite a bit of assistance, while we also have 4 students who are well-developed in their math skills for their age level. On Tuesday, Abbey and I spent 15 minutes with as many students as we could. We did an initial assessment asking the students to count as high as they could. Then, we had each student demonstrate their understanding of one-to-one correspondence by counting a given set of tiles. The students then either counted the number of stairs in the hallway to incorporate a movement activity or worked with numerical symbol cards and were instructed to find the correct number of marbles that accurately represented each numerical symbol. These activities were determined based on each student’s level of focus and their mathematical development. On Thursday, Abbey and I spent some time working with the four students who had exceptional mathematical skills. We incorprated Randy’s problem-solving application. We then spent some time with a few students playing count sort, drawing numerical symbols and corresponding object representation, and other activities based on each student’s interest and mathematical comprehension. I have learned a lot already within my first week working with Abbey and the kindergarten students. I cannot wait to see the progress the students will make as the year progresses! I am extremely grateful and fourtunate to be apart of such a wonderful learning experience! 🙂

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