Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

First Week at Longfellow!

This week was the start of my work with the Number Sense project. I have learned so much in just two sessions and I can already tell that this is going to be a very rewarding and educational experience. My first day in the classroom my cooperating teacher recommended I work first with the students who seemed to be struggling the most and then move onto the others in order to assess their mathematical understanding and gauge where I should go next. This helped me get to know the students a little better by working with them individually as well as have a better grasp on where they were in terms of their mathematical understanding. The abilities of the students ranged from students who could not count past the number 12 to students who could count all the way up to 100. It was eye opening to realize just how drastic ability levels can be in a single classroom.


The second day that I worked with the students I decided to spend a little more time with each student and really focus on some content that they were struggling with. The two biggest struggles for students were counting past 25 and number recognition. However, there were a handful of students that needed to be challenged and could do simple addition. For the students who were struggling the most we worked with simple activities like counting colored tiles and using the “Count Sort” app on the iPad. To help students with number recognition I would hold up a card with a number on it, if the student recognized it they would count out that many marbles. If the student could not recognize the number I would count out that many marbles and ask them how many they were, then we would make the connection between the number of marbles and the number on the card.


For the students who were in need of a challenge we worked with the “Word Problem” app on the iPad. I would read the problem to the students and then the equation that the word problem was discussing would appear. Many of the students needed extra support and utilized the dots and squares the app provides as manipulatives. However, with the use of the manupulatives many of the students were able to answer the questions correctly. Student J, towards the end, was able to answer two of the word problems without the use of manipulatives! I found it incredible how once the student got “warmed up” they performed much better,


These first two sessions really allowed me to get to know the students as well as their strengths and weaknesses. I cannot wait to see the progress the students and I make during our time together!

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