Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Kinesthetic Learner!

During our teaching time, we decided to work with a bilingual student who has been struggling still with recognizing the numbers 1-6.  While we were trying to work with him, we noticed that he did not like to sit still.  He loved when we let him write the numbers on the white board, but that was about all we could get him to concentrate for.  He spent some time rolling around on the floor and kept trying to throw kleenex and paper in the waste basket.  When we noticed how much fun he was having throwing the paper in the waste basket, we quickly thought of a way we could incorporate numbers into this.  We came up with a new game for him to play.  While Ms. Kendzior was working and trying to get him to concentrate, i made a trip back to the classroom and got some extra paper and a dice.  We already had a long, plastic chain link and the numbers 1-6 written out on whole sheets of paper.  We spread the numbers out on the floor in random order, and put the chain in a line parallell to the numbers.  This would be the line he could not go past when he was throwing the paper ball.  The object of this “game” was to roll the dice, and throw the paper ball on the corresponding number.  In order to do this, he needed to count the number of dots on the dice, and recognize the number.  If he threw the ball the correct number, he gained a point.  If he threw the ball to the incorrect number, he lost a point.  We wanted to see how many points he had at the end.  He LOVED this game!  It really helped him to concentrate on the number.  One thing that we could have done better was have him roll the dice, count the dots, and figured out which number paper he was going to throw the ball to before we gave him the paper ball.  He got a little distracted with it and just wanted to throw the ball.  It was a great way for the student to inspire a completely unique game designed directly for the individual student and it really helped him a lot!

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