Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

An interesting student

After discussing some interesting students we have, and which one’s we want to do our case study on, we finally came to the conclusion that we would do it on a particular student that has puzzled us from the beginning. This student is not able to count past seven most of the time, but when we use the iPad and play the What’s hiding? app he is able to answer all of the questions correctly and quickly. His ability to do this is really amazing due to the fact that he is not very good at rote counting. The What’s Hiding? app on the iPad is an app that works with the ten frame model. This app first shows chips in a ten frame and then it covers the ten frame and takes some of these chips out. After the student has looked at the chips that are out of the ten frame they have to determine how many chips are left in the ten frame hiding. You would think this game would be quite difficult for a student who is not very good at counting, but this in fact is not true for this particular student. He is able to answer all of these questions very quickly and correctly. After playing this game with him a few times and asking him how he was able to know the answer, we were still a little bit confused on how he did it, but we think he knows the amount of chips that are still hiding by the pattern the ten frame makes. He knows that there are five chips on the top of the ten frame and five on the bottom. So, he remembers what the pattern looks like when he first looks at the ten frame, and then when they come out of the ten frame he looks at how the pattern has changed and see’s which ones are missing. I am not positive this is exactly what he is doing, but it seems like it so far. I think this is a very interesting case, and I can’t wait to study him and his thinking more in the next few weeks!

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