Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Undesirable Behavior

Today, we were trying to work with lower ability students who were struggling to recognize numbers 7-10.  We pulled out a group of three students; two of which were boys and one that was a girl.  The two boys were not paying any attention to Ms. Kendzior and I.  We warned them three times to sit down and pay attention to the numbers, but they could not focus.  They were taking away the learning experience for the girl that was trying to learn the numbers.  Finally, I told the students that their behavior was unacceptable and we were going to go back to the classroom.  We did not move on with the lesson until these two students left.  I pulled the two boys aside individually and had them self-assess their behavior.  I asked them if they knew why they needed to go back to the classroom.  Though both of the boys were not happy about having to go back to the classroom, they both replied that it was because there were not listening to their teachers.  I also asked them if they thought that it was fair to distract the girl student who was trying really hard to learn.  They said know.  I asked them to show how their behavior was with a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  They both put their thumbs down.  I concluded with asking them how their behavior will be when we see them next week and they put their thumbs up.  As they went back to the classroom, I told them that I wanted them to think about different things they will do next week to help improve their behavior.  By half way through kindergarten, the students know what the proper behavior for the classroom is.  They can point out where they started misbehaving and how they could make better decisions next time.  If they still cannot control their behaviors and distract others, we will send them back to the classroom yet again.  If the behavior still continues, it tells us that we will not be able to work in small groups with the particular child.  We will need to work one on one with the student, which might not be as fun for the student, but it will give all students a better learning environment.

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