Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Teen Numbers!!

This week we decided to focus on recognizing and creating teen numbers with our lower ability students. To work on the teen numbers we decided we were going to have the students explore with pipe cleaners and try and make the teen numbers themselves. This way we could see if they understood what the numbers looked like and what they were called.

We gave each student their own set of pipe cleaners and then asked them to make different numbers for us. We started out making the lower numbers, 1-5, just to review the numbers and see how the students were doing. Then we asked them if they could make the number 14 for us. This was difficult for them at first, so to make it easier for them we asked them what number they heard when we said fourteen. To make sure they could hear that the number four was in it we said fourteen as four-teen. After we said it like this a few times and really annunciated the word four, the students started to catch on and understood that since they heard four the number four must be in fourteen. Then to help them understand teen numbers we showed them a bunch of teen numbers and asked them what  all of those numbers had in common. After looking at these numbers for a little while the students started to realize that all of these numbers had a one in front. When they realized this I was so excited and knew we were making progress! After going over this a few times the students started to understand that when they heard the word teen they knew there had to be a one in front, and then they needed to listed to the rest of the number and see if they could figure out what the other number would be. Most of the students really understand this concept and are able to create and identify teen numbers now! This is so exciting and I can’t wait to work more on teen numbers next week to make sure they have a good grasp of them.


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