Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

How Does The Young Mind Think?

On Tuesday, we worked on the iPads. We particularly were interested in trying to understand how the students think when they play different iPad games. One student really confuses me. He is a student who seems to be at a much lower ability than his peers. Although this student has a problem counting higher than ten and has a hard time recognizing his numbers, he can do more difficult problem solving types of math problems. For example, one of the apps we played with him was the What’s Hiding? app. This app uses basic subtraction to figure out how many chips are still hidden. This particular student gets almost every question right when he plays this game. On Tuesday, he told us that he uses the pattern of the chips to figure out how many are missing. After hearing this we wanted to see what would happen if we moved to other addition and subtraction problems. We switched apps and played the Number Line Math app. In this app, students are given an addition or subtraction. They have to select the correct answer from the numbers at the bottom of the screen, and above the problem is a number line to help them. Once again this student surprised us. He did not need to use the number line for assistance, instead he came up with his own method of tapping on the screen to figure out the correct answer. I am excited to keep working with this individual because it is so interesting the way he can think about addition and subtraction problems , but still can not count higher than 10.

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