Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Yay for adding!!!!

We recently started addition with two of our kindergartners.  When we started the lesson, we were not entirely sure how this lesson would go, but we were pleasantly surprised!  It ended up going amazing!  We started off using the iPad app called “Number Line.”  This showed an addition problem and had a number line on top of it.  We gave the two students two different colored square tiles to help them.  We told one boy he was going to be the first number and the other would be the second number.  They counted out their correct amount of tiles.  Then, we asked the students what they thought the “+” symbol meant.  They gave out a few answers, but then one boy said, “maybe you can mush them together.”  We were very excited by this answer and gave the boys a lot of praise for figuring this out!  The boys would then see that their 4 green tiles + their 3 blue tiles equaled 7 tiles all together.  We then moved on the another iPad app called “Fetch Lunch Rush.”  The students love this game because it is more of a competition.  While one of the students was adding with the tiles and answering the addition problems, I had the other student and was teaching them to do addition on their fingers so they would not need tiles.  I told them that we would be doing the same thing, but with fingers instead of tiles.  I told the students that we will always start with the same number of fingers as the first number has.  So for an equation of 2+5, we started with two fingers sticking up.  Then, we counted to 5 and put a finger up every time we counted a number.  When we put 5 more fingers up, we went back and counted how many fingers we had sticking up in total.  This is how we got 7 fingers sticking up.  I did this a few times modeling it for the student, but by the end, I would send them on their own and help them where it was needed until they could accurately do addition problems on their fingers.  Overall, we had a very successful day teaching addition to the students and I can’t wait to help other students learn this fun and exciting skill.

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