Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Teen Numbers Finally Making Sense

As I said in my blog last week the focus this week was also on teen numbers. On Tuesday, I worked with the students with the ten frames again. They seemed to understand it a little better, but still could not fully grasp the concept. A few of them figured out that every time they made a teen number it required them to fill up one full ten frame then add so many ones. However, most of them still just counted out every marble until they created the number. Today, instead of using the ten frames again we went out and bought pipe cleaners. This turned out to be the best idea for trying to teach the kindergartners teen numbers. We gave each student a handful of pipe cleaners and asked them to create a number for us. We typically started with 4 or another single digit number. Once the students had made their 4, we would then say if we want to make 14 what other number do we need. At first the students didn’t know, but after going through a few numbers they realized the pattern. Every time they heard us ask for a teen number and heard the “teen” at the end of the word, they knew that meant they needed to put a 1 in the front of the number! It was so cool to see the huge smiles each of the students had on their faces once they figured out how to recognize and make teen numbers. I could almost see it in their faces that after all these weeks of working on teen numbers it all finally made sense. Now that the students are understanding their teen numbers it will be fun to see what other games and concepts we can move on to!

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