Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Return after a long break

When we started the number sense program up again with our Kindergartners this week I was nervous that they may have forgotten everything we had learned over the past few weeks, and would need some refreshers. However, to my surprise the students remembered almost everything we had gone over in the previous weeks. We played number recognition bingo with the lower ability students and they did really well for the most part. Some of the students that were really struggling with their numbers before break did phenomenal with this game. They were able to recognize almost all of the numbers. It was great to see improvement in these children!

We also had a new student this week. She had just joined the classroom on Monday, so our teacher hadn’t had the chance to assess her and see what level she was at. So, after we were done working with all of our groups for the day we took her out in the hall to assess her. She did very well with all of the assessments that we gave her. She was able to count and recognize numbers up to 50. I thought this was great! Another really cool thing she did when we were assessing her is she did subtraction and addition without really knowing it. We had her count out 13 marbles and then after she got all of those marbles out I asked her if she could show me 7 marbles, and instead of starting from the beginning she just took away 6 marbles. I thought this was amazing and I was so proud of her! I can’t wait to work with her in the future.

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