Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Understanding Teen Numbers

After working with the students for about 7 weeks now, we noticed that some students are still struggling in their number recognition. Most do just fine recognizing most numbers, but about 4 or 5 students still can’t recognize numbers higher than ten. So this week we focused on using different strategies to help the students understand and recognize teen numbers. On Tuesday, we played Mother May I? We gave all the students number cards with numbers 6-15 on them. Students would then pick a card, tell us the number on the card, and ask to take that many steps down the hallway. Some students picked up on a game strategy that involved picking the higher the number so they could take more steps, which meant they would get to the finish line faster. So those students started out by picking numbers 13-15, and all the students knew that in each number their was a 1 and then either a 3, 4, or 5. The students could tell us both the numbers, but were never able to put the numbers together into one number. When the students got stuck we give them little hints like the number comes after fourteen or it sounds like sixteen, but with a four instead. After the hints the students would usually get the number, but typically not on their first try. On Thursday, we took a different route. We printed out ten frames for the students and then showed them different numbers on the ten frames. Our hope was that the students would see that the number 15 is one full ten frame and then a second ten frame with 5. Some students began to understand the numbers a little better with the ten frame, but some just continued to count the number of marble every time to figure out the number- which is not a bad thing I was just hoping the students would better grasp what a teen number is 1 group of 10 and so many ones , but I think a lot of the students just need some more time with the ten frame and they will be able to better understand the concept and also how to recognize their teen numbers. So the plan for next week is to once again use the ten frames to represent numbers, mainly teen numbers. We might even make ten frame flash cards to help the students to get a better understanding what each number looks like. I will report back next week as to how our ten frame strategy of understanding teen numbers is working!

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