Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

New Student

As I prepared for what I was going to work on with the students this week, I wondered how much we were going to have to review after being on such a long break. A great surprise came when hardly any review was needed. As I began pulling students out on Tuesday to work on math, each student was picking up right where they left off. Some even seemed to be more on top of their game and ready to be challenged more. This week we focused mainly on playing some fun games since before break we did a lot of assessing of the students. We played some iPad games, Jeopardy, and Math Bingo.
When we came on Thursday, we found out that a new student had started in the classroom on Wednesday. Kate and I made sure to save some time at the end to do a quick assessment of her math skills so that we had an idea of activities to work on with her next week. She did really well in every area we assessed her in. What I found the most impressive about her math skill during the assessment, was when we were showing a card with a number on it and having her represent that number with the appropriate number of marbles. We started by showing her the number 7she correctly counted out 7 marbles. Then we showed her the number 13 and to our surprise she looked at the 7 she had already counted and continued from there in her counting to 13. This seems like a rather simple task for all us adults, but most kindergarten students can’t grasp this concept. A lot of the other students in our class continue to start counting from 1 even after they have already counted 3 then add 4 more to that. After observing how well she did on the rest of the areas of the assessment, I am really looking forward to working with her more on her math skills and seeing how much more she can improve.

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