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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Hello Blogastana (Augustana+Blog)!

It’s time for me to update you on my wonderful day, and the progress that our children are making. Today was the 100th day of school, which means that the Kindergartners have been in school for 100 days already! Today was a very eventful day, and my blog will be a continuation of Sara’s in a sense. Since we did not work with the children individually on Monday or today, my blog will be a little different than it was last week.

After reading Sara’s blog and hearing the trouble she had with Ashley, I decided that I would give it a shot, since I work with her the most, and have special ways of communicating with her. I pulled her aside and asked her to count by 10’s to a hundred, which she did, but she started at 20. I realized that she was starting at 20 because I was saying 10 to get her started and she was continuing off of me. I than had her start by her self and she paused and touched a group of ten, said nothing and moved to the next group of 10 and said 20. Realizing that she was internalizing her first number, I prompted her to say it aloud, because she does that frequently, she’ll start with two unless I make her say one. After I figured out how to get her to say 10 she counted to 100 flawlessly by tens, which was a HUGE deal! I was so excited, and you could tell that she really understood it, and was so proud of herself, it was such a great feeling, and her face was so worth all the redos. She was than able to put a smiley face sticker by her name, and showed it to me several times that class.

However, I still had to try and get her to count to 100 by ones, which was going to be difficult. I began by having her count from 1-10 by having her pretended that she had a pile of objects to count out, and she did it perfectly. When she hit ten she looked at me and stopped, so I prompted her by saying, what comes after 10, and sure enough she was able to get 11-20, she stopped and looked again, so I asked her what comes next, and we continued this pattern all the way to 49. This was a big accomplishment, when I first started working with her, we barley made it past 10, and now she’s almost at 50. I was so proud of her! I would like to get more fluidity in her counting so she doesn’t need to be prompted with what comes after but that also could be related to the fact she has a harder time following instructions. I’m going to work on figuring out ways to explain to her what counting to a number means, but still big day for Ashley!

I also got to work with Will and Michelle today, and they were far above everyone else, as usual. On Friday of last week Will was able to read numbers all the way to 1000, and learned the hundreds place and could recognize numbers way over a hundred, by using the hundreds and tens places. He managed to recognize and properly say 999, which is incredible. So I continued building Will and Michelle’s knowledge of the tens place when we were making fruit loop necklaces as each color of fruit loops was a group of 10. I had Michelle and Will go through and tell me how many tens were in each number, when you count by ten’s to 100.  The interesting thing about that was they couldn’t tell me how many tens unless they saw the number, but knew the answer immediately when I wrote it down for them. I think they just can’t visualize the number in parts in their heads, which is fine, they are only six. Both of them were able to count way beyond a hundred, but Will needed manipulatives to keep track of his numbers, and Michelle did not. However, I have no concerns for them and will be teaching and reiterating the hundreds place next week, and than we are moving on to money and addition, which should be fun for them.

All and all the time has flown and all of the students keep absorbing more and more information, that they can keep shocking us each day. It’s like being in a roomful of sponges that can’t stop learning. These kindergartners have had quite the first 100 days, and I’m excited to see how they do in their next 80.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of the children’s “100th Day of School” projects. I’ve posted them at .

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences and successes. Very interesting. Good job.

  3. They are 100 Days Smarter! Thanks to you and your constant engagement in math activitires.

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