Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Assessment, Assessment, Assessment!

This week was full of assessment for our students.  We were assessing each student on their second quarter math skills.  This includes being able to count to 50, write the numbers 0-10, and drawing triangles and rhombuses to name a few things on the assessment.  There are some students who can do this without flaw, but there are still ones struggling with recognizing the numbers 6-10.  We really need to work with these students to catch them up with the others.

Along with the lower level students, we also need to concentrate on the higher level students.  Next week, we want to pull some of the higher students out who are beginning to add.  We have two iPad apps that would be perfect for these students.  One of the apps we want to use is “Lunch Rush.”  This will be a very fun, animated game for the students to play.  The other app that we could use is “Add SubX.”  This will really help students who are just beginning to add by giving them blocks as a scaffold to count.  These will be great iPad apps to videotape for our research project.

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