Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Kids do amazing things!

This week while working with our number sense students I decided to focus on using the manipulatives with my students since we used the iPads last week. The three activities I focused on this week were the puzzle activity, lining up number cards 1-20, and counting with little people manipulatives. For the puzzle activity students had to find the puzzle piece that had the number displayed in objects and then match it up with the puzzle piece that had the numerical number on it. To confirm that their choices were right students were able to put the two puzzle pieces together, and if they fit together that meant they were correct. For the lining up number cards activity I first placed the number cards 1-10 out on the table in a random order and had the students put them in the correct order. If the students could complete this task, then I had them try and line up the numbers 1-20. The last activity I worked on with my students was counting out the little people manipulatives. For this activity I would show my students one of the number cards and have them tell me what number was on the card. Once they did that I then had them use the number that was on the card and count out that many little people for me.

While I was working on the lining up number cards activity with one of the students he discovered something that was amazing to him and me. Once he had lined up all of the numbers 1-20 he started to take the number card that had the two on it and put it next to the number card that had the number one on it. As he did this he goes, “look I made the number 21!” When he did this I was so proud of him and excited that he understood how to make this digit. To see if he really understood how to make these numbers I asked him if he could make the number 22 for me. As I asked him this he proceeded to say yes and grab the number card that had the twenty on it and cover the zero with the 2 to make a 22. I am so proud of him for this, and think it’s amazing that he figured this out on his own. Kids do amazing things and I can’t wait to see all of the things they are going to come up with in these weeks we have with them for number sense.

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