Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Math Jeopardy

This week during my work with the kindergartners, we split the class up into different groups to play some math games. We grouped the students by ability so students of the same or similar ability were in the same group. We also had two different activities. For the higher ability group, Kate and I created a Jeopardy board that would help the students work on word problems, addition and subtraction facts, patterns and number recognition. We really liked this activity because it allowed us to touch on a variety of different math skills while doing the same activity. The second activity we created was a memory game. Where we created cards that matched by the number of dots on one card and the written number on the other. The students then had to find the matches as they flipped over two cards at a time.

Playing Jeopardy. Working with the higher ability group was a lot of fun. All the students were very excited about playing Jeopardy, but I worried that some of the problems would be to challenging or out of reach for the students. Man, was I wrong. The first team went for a 400 word problem to start things off. I read a word problem to them and told them if they needed to they could use the white boards I had given them to draw out the answer. I also thought that I was going to need to talk the students through the problem too. Once again, they proved me wrong. After I read the problem, they immediately began to draw the correct number objects they needed and figured out the answer. One student didn’t even need to draw out the objects, he would just do the whole problem in his head! The rest of my session with this group went very smoothly with them answering each question needing hardly any guidance. I am really looking forward to seeing how much more they progress as I work with them rest of the year. Although they may not need as much help learning the topic, I find it just as exciting and rewarding to work with them because they are always excited about learning!

Next week is a testing week in math. I am looking forward to seeing where the students are at and the progress they have made over the last few weeks since I started working with them!

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