Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Encounter with a new student

Today, I ended up working with one of our students for the first time.  He had not been at school the other times we had pulled out students individually or in small groups.  When I pulled him out in the small group, I did not know what level he would be at.  Since I wasn’t sure if he was at school or not, I put him with an advanced group.  This ended up being the best situation that I could have put him in.  There was a very large language barrier with the student.  I could barely understand the number words he was saying and he did not know how to write the number symbols, so I helped him to draw them.  The more advanced students helped him out with the activity as well which was very nice.  They would show him which box he needed to write in and showed him the number symbols they drew so he could copy them down on his paper. 

I really want to work one on one with the student.  I am not sure what he knows in either English or Spanish.  I was thinking that next week, I could use the “Number Fun” app with him to see which numbers he knows.  If he does not know numbers well, I will take the time with him to trace a few of the numbers with his fingers.  There is also a Spanish option on this app which I feel will be helpful to see if he knows the number words in Spanish.  Since he has been out of school for a few weeks, I really want to help get him caught up to where his other classmates are.  If the language barriers are too much, I will need to see if Stephanie could work with him because she has a better Spanish background than I have.  I am hoping that I can help him to understand more about numbers and English.

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