Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

How to work on multiple skills while using Bingo game!

When working with one of my kindergarten classes this week, I worked with students who were specifically struggling with rote counting and number recognition. I chose to play the game Bingo 1-20 with these particular students so they could work on number recognition. However, I added some more steps to the game in order to work on various aspects involving numbers. When I first selected the number for the Bingo game, I said the number out loud and without showing them the card, I asked each of the students to write the number that I had said on a blank sheet of paper; this allowed me to see if the students first knew how to correctly write the number. Then after they had the corresponding number written on their sheet of paper I told them they could put a chip on their game card if they had that number. After they put a chip on their card, I asked them to then clap and count out loud the number. This worked on writing a number, recognizing the number, and then counting the number out loud.  The reason why I thought it was important for students to write the number because then they could start learning how to hear numbers and know how to write that number. I noticed that many students knew how to write numbers 1-10. However, elven and twelve were especially tricky for them to recognize eleven as 2 ones and twelve as a one and a two. Most students would respond by saying “seventeen is a seven and a one.”  I would then correct them and say that seventeen has a one then a seven. If students knew how to write seventeen but not the number sixteen I would have them look at how they wrote seventeen and ask then how they think they would write sixteen, emphasizing the “six” in sixteen. Also, when students simply said they did not know how to write the number 18 I would either say well the number 18 is on your bingo card sheet or it is not on your bingo card sheet;when I told students that the number 18 was on their bingo sheet, by process of elimination the students could usually then figure out which number was 18. Overall, I wanted the students to start working on recognizing the numbers and writing them out because if I simply just showed them the number I selected each time, all they would have to do is check to see if it appeared on their game card, which I feel would be defeating the purpose and not working on a deeper understanding of basic number sense.

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  1. Love how you gave the children clues (e.g., “you can find the number 18 on your bingo sheet”) rather than giving them answers!

  2. great response to urge the child to think and search for the number!

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