Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Kids catch on quickly

This week, I started working with two kindergarten students at a time since they are now placed in groups by ability level. We are now working only on the iPod’s, and I am amazed at how quickly these young students have caught on to using the them. This was the first time we used only the iPod Touches and I was a little worried that they would have difficulties using the touch system with some of the games, but a majority of the students didn’t even need help. To look back, it makes sense because technology is everywhere now, and it’s awesome that combining technology with education can only positively affect the students.

On Tuesday I worked with the lower ability students and they could play all of the games, but the game that they had the most difficulty with was the “What’s Hiding?” game. Before playing, I took into consideration what one of my fellow workers Josh suggested, and I played the ten-frame game prior to “What’s Hiding?”. Playing “10-frame Fill” before, helps them understand the layout of the ten-frame more so they can easily recognize patterns in the ten-frame for “What’s Hiding?”. The lower ability students had troubles recognizing patterns of chips above five, but for numbers above five, I had to break it down and ask them how many they saw on the bottom line and then combine that with the full row of five on top. This helped them for future problems, and even though it took some time to figure the patterns out, I think they were beginning to understand.

Now with the students of higher ability, we started the “What’s Hiding?” game and having the maximum amount of 2.5 seconds to recognize the patterns. However, the students who did very well were still successful when I moved the viewing option to 1.5 or 1 seconds. What was most exciting for me was not them getting it correct, but it was watching the students’ reaction while playing any of the games. They got really excited when they got one right and even more bummed out when they got one wrong; getting one wrong made them want to do it again so they could get it right which is wonderful because they are having fun learning, and that’s the most rewarding thing.

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